As pastors within the body of Christ our hope and prayer is that we can be there for our brothers and sisters so they can be all that God has called them to be. That can only happen through safe, and true, and authentic loving relationships where friends become family.


How can this happen? Well? First we must build trusting authentic relationships one by one through love with no agenda. Second we must be able to invite each other into our living rooms (hearts) for loving intimate conversations about our walk, the Lord. and His precious word. Third we must release messages of Hope that will be so full of love that every person that hears that word will wake up to take that love to a struggling community. (BASICALLY THE CHURCH BEING FREE TO BE THE CHURCH). Fourth we must be there for each other in any way possible. From support behind the scenes, on the front lines, prayer, strategy, development, implementing ministries… but most of all building friendships through relationships.



Pastors Neill and Dean